What are our clients saying?

I started working with Rodney about 3 months ago and I have went from 237 pounds to 197 pounds and still losing! I really appreciate everything Rodney has done for me. The weight lose has really changed my life for the better!  

I entered a fitness program at my job a few months ago and I sought out the help of a personal trainer to help with the plan's goals. I got with Rodney at Custom Fitness. Told him my goals and that I needed help with my eating habits. He set me up a suggested meal plan along with my training and I am proud to say I lost 33 pounds with his program and received a $100 bonus at my job!! Thanks Rodney!


After taking a glimpse at myself in the mirror, I didn’t like what I seen, I’m a 48 years old young lady with a family history of hbp and diabetes. I didn’t want that to be me by the time I turned 50, so I text Rodney at Custom Fitness and stated I need your help, went in and faced those wonderful mirrors, but thanks to Rodney he has encouraged me, inspired me, and pushed me to beyond my limits. These guys are very knowledgeable.  They know their stuff. I came in weighing 236lb and in 6 weeks I’m now 223lb!!!


Training Our Youth in Sports

Mook Reynolds started a summer training program. He came in weighing 172lb by the end of the program he was weighing 184lb and was all state at his high school and received a scholarship at Virginia Tech.

Jeremy Levels, star defensive safety for Page High School was awarded a scholarship to App State. In our program he add an additional 20lbs to his frame.


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